Dr. Jason Hutchings

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Welcome! I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist conveniently located in Center City Philadelphia. I provide psychotherapy to adolescents and adults searching to find a deeper sense of meaning in their lives and who may be struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship difficulties, questions of identity, artistic expression, and existential/spiritual concerns. In addition, I work with couples to help clarify relationship goals and improve communication. Whatever your search entails, it would my pleasure to work with you.

Mindfulness Meditation Instruction

There are a variety of mindfulness meditation techniques that can be useful. The truth is, the potential to attend to the present moment in a real and meaningful way is always possible. However, our habitual identification with each thought, feeling, and sensation keeps us in a feedback loop that is rarely broken. As each thought, feeling, or sensation arises into our awareness we are carried off, not by choice, but by habit. Some approaches, that we have most likely touched upon, include:

1. Breath Awareness

2. Body Scan

3. Various Sitting Meditations

4. Eating Meditation

5. Movement Meditation

 Please follow the program as we discuss. There is no rush and the wish to bounce from exercise to exercise without gaining the benefits of one will ultimately be counterproductive. Click the link below to begin the assigned audio meditation instruction.