Dr. Jason Hutchings

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Welcome! I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist conveniently located in Center City Philadelphia. I provide psychotherapy to adolescents and adults searching to find a deeper sense of meaning in their lives and who may be struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship difficulties, questions of identity, artistic expression, and existential/spiritual concerns. In addition, I work with couples to help clarify relationship goals and improve communication. Whatever your search entails, it would my pleasure to work with you.


Meditation is an invaluable approach to sitting with, and understanding our complex, and often chaotic, inner world. We spend so much of our time occupied with a thought, a feeling, a place to be, a deadline to beat, that we rarely stop and observe what is going on within our own being. Meditation is a deceptively simple technique, with a variety of applications, that can put you better in touch with the pulse of your life.

Having maintained my own practice for well over a decade, I am able to provide a thorough introduction to meditation and proper guidance as ones practice evolves. My approach involves a unique combination of being able to balance the practice of meditation with processing and understanding the contents of the psyche (thoughts, feelings, memories, dreams) in one's unique context.  It can be helpful to work with someone familiar with mediation and psychotherapy because with the practice of meditation, it often occurs that we feel our anxieties and internal conflicts more readily. Meditation  bridges the inner and outer worlds and gives one the tools to live a more fulfilling life. 

Meditation instruction is often sought for:

  • chronic stress and tension
  • burnout
  • fatigue
  • depression
  • fear and anxiety
  • chronic illness
  • finding meaning and purpose
  • improve concentration 
  • cope with trauma  
  • improve relationships

If the above description is of interest to you, or to find out more, please contact me.